Day Care

Day Care is a time of amazing growth physical, social-emotional and intellectual. Every time a child asks "why", explores a new object, interacts with others or tries something for the first time he/she is learning about the environment...

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With customized tutoring programs designed to move at your child's pace never too fast or too slow your child will learn to think actively and critically about the process of learning. Learning skills are skills that students use

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Camps / Spelling Bee

We believe childhood and camp are about experiencing new things for the first time.Our purpose of Spelling Bee is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English

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Sports Education

Develop skills and fitness specific to a particular sport, Appreciate and be able to execute strategic play,participate at a level appropriate to one's developmental stage and share in the planning and administration of sport

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About Us

Cornelius Academy is a Christian children development program register as private childcare, children entertainment and tutoring.

Cornelius Academy was started in 2015 to address the needs of today's family – in an inspiring, loving, and caring environment. Cornelius Academy is not a baby sitting is a learning environment felled with learning , maths , science , language , sport , cooking , music , art, drama , dancing and many more. Based in Belladonna Estate Blue Downs Our programs are designed to enhance your child's development through a well-structured and creative curriculum.

We are a quality home away from home, founded on Christian values. At our centre, your child feels safe, protected, loved and wanted – just like at home.

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